Patient & Visitor Guide

Everything you need to know about getting care at the Clinic.

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Make an appointment

If you are seeking medical help for your children, please look into the timing of the clinics and doctors availability. Book an appointment in advance so that you can have a more predictable experience and peace of mind.

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Plan your trip

Dr Ghatak is available in either of the two clinics. You can choose the one that is nearest to you. Plan your trip such that you can reach the clinic a little in advance. Do not rush.

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Insurance & Billing

Preserve all your prescriptions, bills, medical reports if you want to make an insurance claim.

Most insurance company requires  you to furnish a lot of documents related to the treatment you are receiving. So a little time organizing the documents upfront will save a lot of time later

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Ask for help

Finally if you need any help about timing, doctors availability, direction to the clinic, health issues and any other follow up questions you can always reach our help line number.